The Panda Way

How to Build a $100 Million Profitable Company Through Investing

About The Panda Way

What is the Panda Way?

Hey, it’s Marcos here. This website came to light as a side project, but ultimately it became in a healthy obsession with a single but powerful question behind:

How to Build a $100 Million from scratch?

I made to myself this question in a long post I wrote on my Medium publication. Now, you can find the post here.

But, you should be scratching your head about which the hell is “The Panda Way” in simple terms? The Panda Way is a method to build strategically a $100 Million Company in six simple but powerful steps:

  • Build an incredible product and sell it like hell. You decide the price, the market and everything between
  • Think from Day One on building a profitable operation. This is the foundation of this strategy
  • Use at least 30% of the generated Free Cash Flow for investing in monthly cash-flow rich assets
  • Build at least 7 different sources of income for your company internally and externally. This is what I call a panda. Inside your company can be the sales of your primary product, the training behind it, partnerships with aligned organizations, etc. Externally could be the investments on cash-flow rich assets
  • Split the profits between the operations of your company and the future investments to make
  • Repeat from step 3

This website pretends to become the # 1 resource about the knowledge involved to build a $100 Million company through investing, specially I will work hard every day to find the best investing deals for your company, and present you those pandas to your team. But, in case you are wondering, I’m not taking about a company with $100 Million in revenue, when actually it burns almost that revenue or more. I’m talking about how to build a $100 Million profitable company.

How I can help you

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That’s my goal: to help every interested company to find those pandas out there. Send me a Tweet at @marcosluis2186 or simple a email.