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How to Build a $100 Million Profitable Company Through Investing

Investing platforms, deals and rich cash flow assets to help you to reach the $100 Million goal faster

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Investing Newsletters

  • Capitalist Exploits’s Insider by Capitalist Exploits, an investing newsletter with the potential to multiply your capital by 5 or 6 times at least.

  • Capitalist Exploit’s The Resource Insider, which is an investment service focused on providing subscribers with independent research and access to exclusive investment opportunities in the mining & metals space. It’s an division of Capitalist Exploits, and it’s managed by Jamie Keech. It’s only available for accredited investors.

  • The 4th Investment Pillar by Sovereign Man. These guys are the champions of the Deep Value Investing: their recommendations are typically high-quality, profitable companies whose shares are so overlooked, and so absurdly undervalued by the market, that the shares are selling for less than the amount of cash the company has in the bank.

  • Sovereign Man: Private Investor by Sovereign Man. SMPI is Sovereign Man’s private equity deal service in which they scout opportunities, perform due diligence, and present their findings to members.

Investing books

Investing platforms

Real State Crowdfunding


Fundrise is our preferred Real State Crowdfunding platform in the Unites States.


Reinvest24 is a Real State crowdfunding platform based in Estonia with investing opportunities around Tallinn, Estonia.


EstateGuru is another Real State crowdfunding platform based in Estonia with investing opportunities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Crowdfunding platforms and deals


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New investing opportunity in the Gold Mining space

The incredible crew behind Capitalist Exploits has an amazing opportunity to invest in the gold mining space along with one or two billionaires in this industry. Check it out here